The exciting 2013 recipe collection has been developed specifically for UK shallots by chef Paul Collins.

Paul is a chef with 25 years of experience working in and running some of the most prestigious and high profile kitchens including The Dorchester, Lucknam Park and Daylesford Organic. He has won awards from the national food guides including the Michelin guide. For 2013 Paul has created some interesting and impressive recipes that are surprisingly simple to make.

Paul trained at Westminster College, London (other alumni include Jamie Oliver) where he was student of the year. He has also cooked for royalty, prime ministers and world famous stars from music, stage and screen.

He now offers a bespoke private dining service which allows him to see what people really want to eat at home with their friends and family. He also offers a consultancy service which keeps him in tune with the industry and what is going on commercially.

Paul says “Look to the greats, Escoffier and Repertoire de la Cuisine, that describe the classical and traditional cookery methods that form the basis of all modern recipes and you’ll see that shallots are practically on every page.

“We still rely on shallots as the base for sauces and garnishes and anything else that goes into a modern recipe”

Paul's 2013 recipe collection

Pappardelle of Shallots, Wild Mushrooms and Tarragon Shallot Foccacia Shallot Soup with Watercress Pesto Shallot Lyonnaise Potatoes & Sauce Vierge Shallot, Tomato and Herb Dressing Shallot Dartois Shallot, Cucumber and Tomato Italian Bread Salad Shallot and Grilled Tenderstem with Watercress and Anchovy Dressing Roast Shallots with Pennoni Regati, Chargrilled Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Seeds

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