Valentine’s Day Menu

Valentine’s Day Menu

Beat the blues!

Are you, like us, still feeling the chill in the air and wish that some warmer spring weather would hurry up and get a move on?

The new allium on the (chopping) block

When is a shallot not a shallot? When it’s a banana shallot! Tom Aikens reveals the secret ingredient of the professional’s kitchen.

Firm favourite for stir-frying

With a lower water content than onions, shallots are ideally suited to stir-frying and are an authentic ingredient of many Asian dishes.

Sweetly sautéed Shallots

Diced shallots are delicious sautéed and used in sauces and as a garnish.

In the Raw

The lightly tinged pink flesh makes shallots highly decorative.

Using Whole Shallots

Whole shallots are a traditional ingredient of many winter casseroles and stews.