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Friends of UK Shallots

Allium Seeds

01205 723414

Allium Seeds UK Ltd has a major emphasis on breeding of all types of onions, echalion and shallots. We also have some smaller breeding programmes looking at niche products some of which are very close to the market

Elsom Seeds

01775 715000

Elsoms are the UK's leading independent plant breeding business. A culture of investment, passion, expertise & integrity has ensured that the company continues to adapt and fulfil the changing demands of its customers, suppliers and partners. Throughout the long history of the company the professionalism and teamwork within the organisation has ensured that Elsoms always provides excellent service.

Interveg Ltd.

01487 814496

Created in early spring 2003 by Chris Wilkinson, Interveg brings 20 years of experience in fresh produce to a unique Supply Chain Solution of high quality vegetables, particularly onions, to all sectors of the market.

Kitchen Garden Produce

01673 878471

Kitchen Garden Produce specialises in growing shallots and asparagus. Chris and Ann Kitchen started the business in 1979 when they bought 22 acres in Lincolnshire. They are now the UK's largest shallot grower and packer, supplying some of the UK's leading supermarkets.

Oldershaws of Moulton Ltd

01406 370380

Oldershaw's of Moutlon, alongside Moulton Bulb Co. Ltd, are one of the UK's premier shallot growers and packers. Handling shallots and echalions, Oldershaws supply into some of the UK's leading retailers. Moulton Bulb also grows and supplies a wide range of allium including prepared onions and garlic.

Parrish Farms

01462 813260

If you love onions and shallots then you’ve come to the right place. The Parrish family have been farming in the Greensand Ridge in Bedfordshire since 1927 and are passionate about growing all forms of onions and shallots. The rich sandy soils in this area are ideal for allium growing and over the years we have strived for excellence in sustainability, storage and producing great tasting fresh produce.