In short about myself.

Rachel is not only a wonderful chef but an accomplished author, caterer, experienced food demonstrator and campaigner. She has several TV series under her belt including ITV Yorkshire's Flying Cook and World on a Plate series, BBC3's Kill it! Cook it! Eat it! and Farm of Fussy Eaters on UK TV Style.

Rachel says: "Some say that I'm the 'Lady of Shallot' because there isn't a day that goes by without me using at least eight of the little beauties in my cooking, they never disappoint me". "Shallots manage to sprinkle a certain fairy dust to the flavour and texture of my dishes, this is why they are in such demand with chefs and cooks alike.

"Shallots are a great ingredient to use all year round. Don't just use them for hearty winter dishes such as Daube of Beef. Shallots are a great complement to lighter summer dishes too, the fresh clean taste is perfect to use in a Thai Beef Salad. Shallots are such a versatile ingredient, they can be used raw, cooked or pickled."I've just prepared shallots and garlic in cream, these will accompany my slow cooked honeyed shoulder of new lamb, a great alternative to potatoes dauphinoise.

My Recipes