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Canapés of Shallot and Camembert Ice-cream on Plumbread Toasts

With crispy shallots to garnish

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1. Heat the butter until melted in a saucepan. Add the flour and mix together to form a roux. Then take off the heat and slowly add the milk until the mixture is blended and free of any lumps.

2. Place back on the heat, and stir constantly while the mixture thickens to form a thick white sauce.

3. Cut the camembert into small dice and add it, with the shallots to the white sauce and continue to cook until the camembert is just melting. Stir in the cream. Season with the cayenne pepper, sea salt and black pepper.

3. Place in a bowl and freeze for about an hour. Take the bowl out and beat the mixture until all the ice crystals have disappeared. Then refreeze for another hour, repeat the process and leave to freeze. This mixture can also be churned in an ice-cream machine. It is best to take the mixture out 5-10 minutes before you want to use it.

4. Slice the plumbread or fruit loaf to 1cm thickness, then cut the slices into small squares 2-3cm across. Place on a baking sheet and grill each side until golden brown.

6. Using a melon baller or a teaspoon, shape small rounds of the camembert and shallot ice-cream and place on top of the plumbread. Garnish with crispy shallots (sliced and cooked in a little olive oil for a few minutes) and serve.

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